Before a period of time, the rice and the wheat pack in the jute bags for a high quantity. But the problem arises in the jute bags, We can not protect our items from the water, moisture as well as from the insects also. Because of this problem for long term storage and for the transportation jute bag is not a better option. Now a day, special designer bags with high flexibility and different size is available in the market.

رز,تعبئة (Rice packaging) bags are available in various ranging from 1kg, 5kg, 10 kg to 20 kg. The material used for the rice packaging depending on the quality standards. It is used for the protection against the acid, hydroxide, dirt, bacteria , water and steam. Heat sealing provides the high strength to rice packaging bags. It provides the standing bottom, hand hole or handle for easy carrying. It also provides the zip lock system or press lock system in the bag for easy opening and closing.

Physiologically, a person feels satisfaction after sees the product inside the packet. Because of this , the bags are available in which the customer can see the rice and make sure that the rice is cleaned.  On rice packaging bags , the company name, company logo, retail price,  net weight, packaging date, certified standards, batch no, etc..  Sometimes the cooking process step with image is also provided on the pages.

The following material is used for the manufacturing the rice bags:

·   Recycled or recyclable paperboard is used .

·   Chemical free plate making processes are followed.

·   Vegetable based ink is used.

·   Water based coating and glue is preferable.

·   The fully automatic manufacturing process  follows the digital computer technology which provides the sharpness and chemical free processing.

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