For cooking three elements are important : training and technique, rest and recovery ,nutrition and hydration.  For nutrition and hydration  combination of protein, complex carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins and minerals. A meal featuring pasta with Bolognese sauce is a nutritious, delicious and popular choice.

If you want to cook a pasta , for that basic core ingredients are required. Ingredients like baked pepperoni casserole, baked macaroni shells are required.  Sometimes we have to cook food quickly  and no ideas in our mind then just go for the pasta.  As a side dish , we serve the pasta when the guest is coming.  When time is tight and family is hungry then frozen cooked pasta and peeled shrimp, put together in boiling water and cook the pasta.

For ready to cook food, تغليف المكرونة  (pasta packaging) plays an important role.  Packaging of pasta  enhances the particular characteristics of pasta it contains, the form of pasta, size of pasta.  You’ll  choose among the packaging style: pillow bag, square bag,  double square bottom bag with resealable bag and also with the window. 



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